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AgEnRes project: Sustainable agriculture for Europe

The AgEnRes project was launched this year with the aim of promoting sustainable agricultural practices and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

IAMO is one of 12 partners in the AgEnRes project, which focuses on tackling the challenges facing the agricultural sector, in particular the dependence on fossil fuels and mineral fertilizers.

Fertilizers play a central role in food production, but rising costs and environmental impacts pose major problems for the agricultural sector. At the peak of gas prices in 2022, nitrogen fertilizer prices in the EU increased by 149% compared to the previous year. This development highlights the urgency of looking for alternative approaches.

John Helming, coordinator of the project, emphasizes the importance of this initiative in the official press release: “High and volatile prices of fossil fuels and mineral fertilisers impact investment behaviour, farm income, resilience of the agricultural sector as whole and food security. AgEnRes will come up with financial tools and integrated assessments supporting policy design, that will increase fossil fuels and fertiliser productivity, decrease emissions to the environment and contributes to improved and more stable farmers income and stable food prices for consumers.”

The project relies on cutting-edge research and technology to develop resource-efficient farming methods and create tools to manage price risks. The aim is to achieve a deeper understanding of the links between agricultural income, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and to promote the acceptance of sustainable practices.

AgEnRes promotes collaboration between researchers, policy makers, farmers and industry experts to develop customized solutions. This initiative aims to make a significant contribution to the ecological transformation of European agriculture.

The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101136474. The total volume amounts to 4,841,203 euros.

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