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Long Night of the Sciences Halle 2022

The Long Night of the Sciences is one of the highlights of the summer in Halle (Saale). In this context, IAMO invites you on 01 July 2022 to an exciting evening with topics from the fields of agriculture and nutrition. For the current occasion, this year we lead our focus to different questions regarding the agriculture in Ukraine.

Program at IAMO

Lectures on the subject of "Agriculture and Ukraine" (in German language)

What will the world eat tomorrow? The consequences of the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war on world agricultural markets
PD Dr. habil. Linde Götz
Russia's war in Ukraine has further intensified the tense situation resulted by the pandemic on the world agricultural markets. How can the observed developments be explained? What future developments can be expected? What will be the long-term significance of Ukraine and Russia for global food security?

A hundred thousand hectares! What is behind Ukrainian agricultural holdings?
Prof. Dr. Alfons Balmann
In the last 15 years, huge agricultural corporations have been established in Ukraine, some of them managing several hundred thousand hectares of farmland. What do they do? How did this come to be? Are they successful? Is this a model for the future of Ukrainian agriculture? Also for Germany?

Role model for Germany? Corporate social responsibility of large agricultural businesses on the example of Ukraine
Dr. Taras Gagalyuk
Large-scale agriculture is often associated with social problems in rural areas. Yet empirical evidence from Ukraine indicates that large agricultural holding companies are increasingly engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. What drives these activities? What are agribusiness holding companies doing as part of their socially responsible approach? What are the implications for sustainable rural development? Are these developments a role model for agriculture in the West?

Playing off environmental goals and food prices against each other? Target conflicts in agricultural policy
Prof. Dr. Thomas Herzfeld
The attack on Ukraine and various interventions in international agricultural trade have caused price shocks for many agricultural products. As a result, calls were quickly made for the abolishment of fallow land, loosening of the Fertiliser Regulation or the removal of further environmental requirements for agricultural production. What are the trade-offs between increasing agricultural production and protecting natural resources? Should the EU Green Deal be abandoned to prevent a global food crisis? Is there a solution to this dilemma?


Emotions around agriculture
How does a young female farmer feel who has a strong calling but low income? What is the life satisfaction of employees in crop production in eastern Germany? IAMO scientists present their research on different posters.

Family programme and interactive activity

Production of plant dyes and plant printing
What do red cabbage, geraniums, poppies and raspberries have in common? In the plant colour workshop you can easily make colours from fresh and dried flowers, leaves and roots and change the colour tone. You can try out plant printing on postcard size. Silke Hönig will show you various artistic techniques for fun and creative experimentation and tell you about the production of pezetti, pigments and colours.

Tractor exhibition
Wheat, rape, barley, maize - farmer Karsten Scheffler presents his machine for young and grown-ups, with which he cultivates all this on 250 hectares of farmland.

Bzzzzz Bees Stand
Everything you need to know about honey bees is presented by the Beekeepers' Association Halle. And for those who want to learn even more about biodiversity, we recommend the 10 Must-Knows on Biodiversity from the Leibniz Biodiversity Research Network.

Braiding a flower wreath
Gentle flowers, herbs, colourful ribbons - the vinok is one of the oldest symbols of Ukraine. Young and grown-ups are warmly invited to weave flower wreaths with IAMO-Anke and learn about the meaning of each flower in Ukrainian tradition.

Culinary offer

Organic catering from the region
At the catering stand, visitors will be offered many tasty treats, including Borschtsch, matching to the IAMO lecture series on Ukraine. Lots of fresh and regional ingredients prepared with expertise and love.