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Nadine Wettstein

External PhD Student


Agricultural Markets, Marketing and World Agricultural Trade (Agricultural Markets)

Research areas

Consumer behavior

Personal details

Nadine Wettstein is employed as an external PhD student in the department of agricultural markets since January 2015. Seven years earlier, she joined IAMO as research associate in the same department. From 1999 until 2007 she studied ecotrophology with a focus on household and consumer economics at the University of Kiel. Her PhD thesis, in the course of a DFG project, focuses on the purchasing behavior of private households in German food retailing and the question whether there is a difference between the consumer behavior of traditional manufacturer’s brands and trademarks. A hazard analysis is used as a method considering dynamic aspects. In 2011 Nadine Wettstein received the advancement award of the agricultural economics. Recently Nadine Wettstein worked on the project "Informing accessibly – consuming informed?", which analyses the purchasing behavior of blind and visually impaired people considering new technologies like smartphones.