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Gabi Waldhof

PhD Student


Structural Development of Farms and Rural Areas (Structural Change)

Personal details

Gabi Waldhof is interested in Consumer Behaviour and Social (Group) Behaviour. Particularly, she investigates attitudes towards technologies and how morality and group dynamics influence such attitudes. Since summer 2017, Gabi Waldhof is a PhD student at the Chair for Economic Ethics in Halle and IAMO, working on the AgriMyths project. Within this project, she identifies moral values that are relevant for GMO opposition as well as support. In this context, she also examines which moral values addressed in the GMO debate are relevant for public opinion formation. Gabi Waldhof uses quantitative and qualitative methods in surveys, behavioural experiments, text analyses and interviews.

Prior to starting her PhD, Gabi Waldhof worked at the University of Oxford, Department for Experimental Psychology, where she was involved in a cooperation with Harvard University improving a cognitive test to detect dementia in elderly. Within this project, she mainly investigated the quantitative relationship between socioeconomic factores and disease patterns, but also conducted numerous laboratory experiments.
Gabi Waldhof also worked in the DFG priority program “Experience and Expectation. Historical Foundation of Economic Behaviour” on a questionnaire on forecasting behaviour and teamwork among German forecasters.
She gained additional research experience at the Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle, at KSB AG, and in the Laboratory of Experimental and Behavioural Economics in Moscow.

Gabi Waldhof graduated with a Double Master´s degree in “Economics” from UCL, London, and HSE, Moscow. She completed her Bachelor degree in “Philosophy & Economics” at the University Bayreuth and at Paris-Sorbonne Université Abu Dhabi.