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Marianne Müller-Albinsky

Research Administrator


Administration and Central Services/Technical Support

Areas of responsibility

Coordination of the acquisition of third-party funded projects in the field of national, European and international research funding
Consulting in research programmes and application processes
Support in proposal preparation and project management

Personal details

Having completed her Master's studies in Eastern European Studies and Economics, Marianne Müller-Albinsky began her career as a consultant in international development cooperation in Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Iran (2001-2005) before she joined the Head Office of the AFC Consultants International GmbH in Bonn, Germany, as Project Speaker (2005-2008). From 2008 to 2010 she was employed as a Research Associate and Head of Department at the Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe (MOEZ) in Leipzig, Germany. Since June 2012, Marianne Müller-Albinsky has been working as a research administrator and coordinator of the acquisition of third-party funded projects at IAMO. In addition to her university graduation, she has additional qualifications as an EU fundraiser, as well as in the field of sustainable development cooperation.