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Dr. Kathleen Hermans

Research Associate


External Environment for Agriculture and Policy Analysis (Agricultural Policy)

Research areas

Climate change
Land use
Social-ecological systems

Personal details

Dr. Kathleen Hermans has been a researcher at IAMO in the Agricultural Policy Department since June 2022. Previously, she headed the MigSoKo junior research group on environmental migration at the Environmental Research Centre (UFZ) in Leipzig. She received a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Dresden and a PhD from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She is also an editor of the journals Regional Environmental Change and Sustainability Science and was lead author of the IPCC Special Report Climate Change and Land Systems (2019).
As a geographer, she strives to connect disciplines to better understand the complexity of interactions between the natural environment and human activities. In particular, she seeks to improve understanding of the linkages between climate change, land use, and human migration. Her work ranges from the local to the global scale, using qualitative and quantitative approaches.