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Dr. Daniela Ana

Research Associate


External Environment for Agriculture and Policy Analysis (Agricultural Policy)

Research areas

Land use
Place attachment
(Im-) Mobility
Anthropology of food and wine
Qualitative Methods

Personal details

Daniela Ana is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO). She mainly works in the RuWell project. Trained in anthropology at the Central European University (MA, June 2015) in Budapest, Hungary, and the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (PhD, July 2019) in Halle, Germany. Ana is a social anthropologist whose research focus is at the intersection between socio-cultural values, agricultural production and environmental transformation. She specialised in qualitative research methods, primarily in participant observation and ethnographic interviews. Regionally, she focuses on Eastern Europe, specifically on the Republic of Moldova and Romania. What motivates her is a strong commitment to comparative, interdisciplinary approaches and in her current research she concentrates on linkages between place attachment, rural livelihoods, land use and (im)mobility.



Articles (peer-reviewed)

Ana, Daniela. 2021. ‘Politics, Markets and Wine: Indexing post-Cold War Tensions in the Republic of Moldova’, 2021. Ethnologie Francaise
Ana, Daniela. 2023. ‘Nature’s Value: Evidencing a Moldovan Terroir through Scientific Infrastructures‘, Ethnos


Ana, Daniela. 2022. ‘Wine is Our Bread: Labour and Value in Moldovan Winemaking’. New York: Berghahn Books

Book chapter

Ana, Daniela. 2022. ‘Gifts that pay for themselves’, in Peter Howland (ed.), ‘Wine and the Gift’, Routledge UK


Ana, Daniela (2022) ‚Nature’s Value: Evidencing a Moldovan Terroir through Scientific Infrastructures’, Panel: Infrastructures of Value: New and Historical Materialities of Food and Farming, American Anthropological Association, Seattle/online
Ana, Daniela (2022) Book Presentation ‘Wine is our Bread’, Chris Hann: Valedictory Lecture and Symposium, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle
Ana, Daniela (2021) ‘Labour force reproduction in a Moldovan winemaking village’, Economic Anthropology Workshop: Exploring Value In Wine, Southampton University/online
Ana, Daniela (2020) ‘Gifts that pay for themselves’, Roundtable: Wine & The Gift. Massey University, New Zealand/online
Ana, Daniela (2020) 'Nature' and Infrastructure: Articulating Terroir in a Moldovan Winery, Panel: Infrastructures of Value: Uniqueness and Genericness in Agri-Food Chains. EASA, Lisbon/online
Ana, Daniela (2019) ‘Work-Rhythms and the Experience of Time for Workers in a Moldovan Winery’, Workshop: Key Issues in the Anthropology of Labour in the Context of Flexible Capitalism. EASA Anthropology of Labor Network and Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, Amsterdam
Ana, Daniela (2019) ‘Soils, Yeasts and Other Wine Things: Re-Creating Value in a Moldovan Winery’, Workshop: Consuming the Unique: Food, Art and the Globalizing Infrastructures of Value. CEU, Budapest
Ana, Daniela (2018) ‘House Wine of Moldova: The Problem with Heritage’, Panel: Power, Capitalism and Ecology in Rural Central-Eastern Europe. VANDA, Vienna
Ana, Daniela (2018) ‘Moving Markets: Moldova's Wine Sector Reform in the Aftermath of the Russian Economic Sanctions’, Panel: Wine Mobilities: Tensions in Crafting Wine Stories. EASA, Stockholm
Ana, Daniela (2014) ‘Seeds as Ethnographic Objects’, Panel: Agri-food production at the fringe of EU politics: new peasants and local forms of resistance. SASC 2014: 11th Annual Conference of the Romanian Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Cluj-Napoca, November 2014

Invited Talks

Ana, Daniela (2022) ‘Wine is Our Bread: Labour and Value in Moldovan Winemaking’, GARD Online Book Launch, New Europe College, Bucharest


Book launch and discussion: ‘Grenzen aus Glas: Arbeit, Rassismus und Kämpfe der Migration in Deutschland’ by Peter Birke, Pöge-Haus e.V., Leipzig, March 2022
Panel: ‘Social Transformation – Justice – Morality: East European Experiences of the 20th Century’, in Society and Morality in Eurasia: from Prehistory to the Present Day, Halle/Saale, July 2021