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Equal opportunities

IAMO actively implements the equal opportunities concept and endeavors to safeguard and promote the reconciliation of one’s work and family life. In 2016, the institute has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for gender equality.

DFG gender equity standards

As a Leibniz institute, IAMO has committed itself to the "Research-oriented gender equity standards" of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The objective of promoting and furthering gender equity and family-friendliness at the institute has been incorporated into IAMO’s mission statement, gender equity concept and the in-house action plan for women and work.

Promotion of women in senior positions

IAMO enjoys an almost balanced gender distribution of its employees. This is an achievement, considering that especially women tend to de-prioritize their professional development when starting a family. In order to retain these talents, IAMO is pro-actively taking steps to offer family-friendly, fair, flexible and attractive careers. Special attention is placed on qualification measures aiming to prepare women for leading positions (e.g. project management, external funds coordination, research management).

Family-friendly working conditions

Various measures and offers contribute to ensuring the compatibility of work and family life and creating a family-friendly working environment at the institute. Among others, these include:

  • flexible working hours
  • part-time positions
  • alternating teleworking
  • family-friendly scheduling of meetings, etc.
  • individualized parental leave arrangements
  • parent-child office
  • mobile play boxes with age-appropriate toys for children ages 0-3 years and 4-8 years

Childcare information for IAMO staff members

Equal opportunities award

IAMO was honored with the Total E-Quality Seal in 2016, for the second time in succession. This award acknowledges that the institute equally appreciates, includes and promotes the talents, potentials and competencies of its female and male staff members. Total E-Quality stands for total quality management (TQM) with the addition of the gender component (equality). Statement of the jury (pdf)

Corporate network 'Success Factor Family'

Since October 2016, IAMO is one of more than 6,100 members of the 'Success Factor Family' network. Helping employees to reconcile family and career is the ambitious objective of this organization. Germany-wide, the corporate network 'Success Factor Family' (Unternehmensnetzwerk „Erfolgsfaktor Familie“) is the largest platform for employers with an active interest in supporting families in their company policies. Membership certificate (pdf)