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An Overview of IAMO's Departments


IAMO's tripartite scientific structure is derived from the orientation of its research. In particular, the institute analyzes the agricultural policy framework and options, the markets in the agricultural and food sector and the development of farms and structures in rural areas. Accordingly, the institute is divided into three scientific departments. In addition, the fourth department, Administration and Central Services/Technical Support (Administration), is a science-supporting unit to enable IAMO to fulfill its mission.



Staff of the Department Agricultural Policy

The Agricultural Policy Department researches institutions of agricultural development in transition economies from a microeconomic perspective. The work thus contributes to a better understanding of the relationship between institutions, agricultural policies and the transformation processes in rural areas of the formerly centrally planned economies of Europe and Asia.

Abteilung Agrarpolitik

Staff of the Department Agricultural Markets

In accordance with the guideline "Towards Well-Functioning Agricultural Markets", the research activities of the Agricultural Markets Department are aimed at questions of the functioning and coordination of markets along agricultural value chains in countries undergoing economic transformation.

Abteilung Agrarmärkte

Staff of the Department Structural Change

The Structural Change Department investigates the process complexity of agricultural structural change. Of particular importance are the associated dynamics, influencing factors and impacts, which are analysed at multiple levels using a broad range of methodological tools.

Abteilung Strukturwandel

Staff of the Department Administration

The Department Administration and Central Services/Technical Support consists of the following work areas: personnel administration, budget, external funds management, IS/IT, controlling, documentation and statistics, publications, public relations, general administration/procurement, scientific library, building services and the visitor services.

Abteilung Administration