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Long Night of Science 2014

04 July 2014 - In 2014 again IAMO opens its doors to the public at the Long Night of Science.

Stay awake and get to know how the varied and exciting world of agricultural and economic research. In presentations researchers of IAMO will explain what healthy nutrion includes or how corruption functions. In addition there will be film screenings, hands-on activities for children and adults and much more.

Programme at IAMO

6 – 11pm
Hop into pleasure
Take off your shoes and jump into pleasure: The cow-shaped jumping castle invites all children to hop.

6 – 11pm
Wheelbarrow – full speed ahead
Who is the best wheelbarrow driver?  Throw yourself into our obstacle course, over a wooden seesaw, a slalom course through cones and run back with full speed.

6 – 9pm
Petting Zoo
The poultry farmer association from Querfurt presents small animals a chicken, bunnies and guinea pigs. Petting and cuddling are welcomed.

6 – 11pm
IAMO Information stand
Talk directly to IAMO scientists and learn more about our research and the institute.

LECTURE // 7 – 7.30pm
You are what you eat
Eating well belongs to the most enjoyable things in life and is very important for our life quality. Varied, balanced and fresh are the catchphrases for healthy nutrition. But how does one fill their stomach with these three catchphrases? And: Does healthy nutrition taste well? Christine Burggraf analyzes healthy and unhealthy diets.

MOVIE // 7.30pm
Where do chicken nuggets come from?
The movie by Landvolk Niedersachsen explains the process from egg to chicken nugget step by step. Suitable for children.

LECTURE // 8 – 9.30pm
Climate Protection through Agriculture?
The demand of agricultural products is expected to double or more until 2050. Simultaneously agriculture hits its limits in many places. But huge agricultural potentials are being unexploited in Russia. Russia can help to retain global feeding and is able to slow down climate change. Florian Schierhorn illustrates why and how this is possible.

MOVIE // 8.30pm
Looking tempting! The process from grain to bread
How is or food produced? The movie by Landvolk Niedersachsen shows how grain becomes bread. 

LECTURE // 9 – 9.30pm
Is there an escape from the corruption trap?
Corruption is an ancient and consistently upcoming phenomenon. Despite the repeatedly proven negative economic consequences, eradicating corruption seems impossible. Thomas Herzfeld discusses reasons for the strong perseverance of corrupt practices and presents the development particularly in European and Asian countries.

MOVIE // 9.30pm
Where do bratwurst, steak and Co. come from?
Where do sausages actually come from and how are the animals, which are processed into meat, kept? The movie by Landvolk Niedersachsen shows the stations from the piglets in the sow stall via the feeding stall to finally being butchered and processed.

GUIDED TOUR // 7.30 – 8pm | 8.30 – 9pm | 9.30 – 10pm
The IAMO building was erected in the 1930s and was the officers’ mess of the army and air mail school at first. From 1945 on Soviet troops had been deployed here and since 1999 the building has been home of IAMO. Join architect Jürgen Ebert, who led the renovation into a research institute, on a historic journey through the building.

6 – 11pm
Culinary offerings
Catering with biological and regional food. Lots of fresh and regional ingredients are prepared with skill and much love. Come and see, smell and taste for yourself.

Guest event at IAMO
LECTURE // 6.30 - 6.45 pm / 7.30 - 7.45 pm / 8.30 - 8.45 pm
Inventions by coincidence and their meaning for manhood
Tyre rubber, microwave, ice lollies, potatoe crisps and Viagra: Inventions made by coincidence sometimes lead to innovative products. The lecture shades a light on some of these groundbreaking inventions. Let yourself be surprised which coincidences have enriched your daily life.
Robert Szczesny, Univations Gründerservice


Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO)
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 2
06120 Halle (Saale)

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