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BAKU Conference

In cooperation with the Institute of Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER), IAMO organized a conference entitled “Agriculture Trade and Foreign Investments for Sustainable Regional Integration in Caucasus and Central Asia” in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 6 to 7 September 2018. The event was funded by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


6 September 2018

Agriculture Trade and Foreign Investments for Sustainable Regional Integration in Caucasus and Central Asia

Keynote Speech 1
Agricultural trade policies in former Soviet Union countries:  From independence to now - Ekaterina Krivonos Gonzalez

Parallel Session A: Resources and production factors – The measurement challenge
The water-energy-food-land-climate nexus and transdisciplinary research for a resource efficient Europe - Florinus Brouwer
A multi-modelling framework to assess the energy-water-land-food-climate nexus in Azerbaijan - Georgios Avgerinopoulos
Assessment of soil salinity in context of climate change in drought-prone regions of Turkmenistan  - Ovezdurdy Jumadurdyyev
Integration of Unnamed Aerial Vehicles in agriculture and implementation of monitoring, prediction and analysis of land resources of Uzbekistan - Shavkatjon Kodirov

Parallel Session B: Foreign investment into the agricultural Sector
Influence of economic freedom on attracting investments: The example of Azerbaijan - Elchin Suleymanov
Politics or profits along the ‘Silk Road’: What drives Chinese farms in Tajikistan and helps them thrive? - Irna Hofman

Keynote Speech 2
The price of sanctions: Quantifying German export losses due to the Russian agricultural ban - Svetlana Fedoseeva

Organized Session 1: Agricultural policy indicators for Caucasus and Central Asia – Quantifying incentiveds and disincentive to agriculture
Agricultural Policy Indicators: A pilot study for Eastern Europe and Central Asia - Andrea Zimmermann
Quantifying incentives and disincentives in Caucasus and Central Asia - Maja Kozar
Agricultural policy indicators in Georgia - Ketevan Gachechiladze
Agricultural policy indicators in Kyrgyzstan - Zalina Enikeeva

Parallel Session C: Facilitating production and productivity – A value-chain perspective

Interaction of main stakeholders in food value chains in Azerbaijan - Elchin Atababayev
The seed sector in Kyrgyzstan - Abduhakim Islamov
Carrying out diagnostic analyzes of value chain to stimulate production of fruit and vegetable products - Tarana Salifova
The effects of local bazaars on marketing of organic products: The case of Uzbekistan - Azizjon Rasulov

Parallel Session D: Boosting agricultural exports
Ways to increase agricultural production and export potential - Elbrus Akbarov
Development of export of Kazakhstan agricultural goods within the Eurasian  Economic Union - Ademi Yerassylova
Improving the competitiveness of agri-food industry and promotion of agri-food products in foreign markets - Khulkar Karimova
Options for facilitating intra-regional and international trade of agricultural commodities - Natali Kldiashvili

Parallel Session E: Agriculture and socioeconomic development
Non-farm employment trends and policy in rural areas of Samarkand region (Uzbekistan) - Shavkat Hasanov
The implication of prospective urbanization in Uzbekistan for food consumption and agricultural trade - Khurshid Zafari
Economic results of model households in case study villages in Azerbaijan and Georgia - Maharram Huseynov

7 September 2018

Keynote Speech 3
Opportunities for the Central Asian countries for exports to China - Kateryna Goychuk Schroeder

Organized Session 2: Climate risk management in Central Asia
Drought insurance for enhanced agricultural resilience in Central Asia - Ihtiyor Bobojonov
Demand for agricultural insurance in Kyrgyzstan - Lena Kuhn
Systemic risks and its measurement in grain production in North Kazakhstan - Talgat Kussaiynov
Digital agricultural insurance in Kazakhstan. Experience, opportunities and perspectives - Serik Ibrayev

Parallel Session F: Farm productivity and agribusiness development

The task of the three-fold economy and the use of its model to compare the pace of development of the countries – Strategic partners of Kazakhstan - Sailau Baizakov
Productivity and farm-size relation: Evidence from Azerbaijan - Yelzhash Kadyr
Key trends specific to the development of agriculture for a medium and long-term period of Azerbaijan - Malik Mehdiyev

Parallel Session G: Food security, consumption and trade policies
Role and statistical assessment of local production in food security - Tamraz Tamrazov
Problems of ensuring food security of the Kyrgyz Republic - Saltanat Derkenbaeva
The impacts of the Russian food import ban on the financial performance and productivity of domestic agri-food enterprises in Russia  - Alisher Tleubayev
Dietary diversity, transitional economies and trade: Lessons from the post-Soviet countries - Ekaterina Krivonos Gonzalez

Parallel Session H: The future of traditional and Innovative agricultural markets
The perspectives of innovative and non-innovative industry in Azerbaijan - Alvan Suleymanova
The silk production system in Uzbekistan and its development trends in the global market - Shukhrat Abdulazizov
Organic farming and climate risk management in Central Asia - Christine Köchy