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Department Agricultural Policy

External Environment for Agriculture and Policy Analysis

This department researches institutions involved in agricultural development in transition economies from a micro-economic perspective. The work of the Department Agricultural Policy thus contributes to understanding the interconnections between institutions, agricultural policies and transition processes in rural areas of formerly planned economies in Europe and Asia.

Investigations appraise various agricultural policy measures' impacts on producers, consumers and public budgets. Studies also cover various effects of institutional reforms on agricultural production, economic development of rural areas and the use of natural resources. Further themes of interest include organizing agricultural production and food marketing. The theoretical foundation of the department’s work is an elementary component of its applied research and ranges from neoclassical theories via games theory to institutional economics approaches. The department’s scientists publish their research findings in leading international journals and derive scientifically-based policy recommendations.

Latest publications of the department

; (2022) Why do farmers seek office? Regulatory capture in Russian agricultural subsidization. Eastern European Economics

; ; ; ; (2022) Don’t look up! Individual income comparisons and subjective well-being of students in Thailand. Journal of Happiness Studies

; ; (2022) Adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and investments in productive assets in irrigated areas of Central Asia: Farm-survey evidence from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. IAMO Annual 24: 69-79.

; (2022) Migration, remittances and well-being in Kosovo. IAMO Annual 24: 31-39.

; (2022) 2020 - The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Government responses and the consequences for agriculture and rural areas. IAMO Annual 24: 5-22.

(2022) Kommentierung, Ergänzungsvorschläge zu Fördersystemen / -programmen in der Landwirtschaft: Optionen für die Ukraine (während und nach dem Krieg). Agriculture Policy Report, German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue, Kyjiw.

; (2022) From social to intangible remittances: A conceptual recalibration. SCMR Working Papers Series, Sussex.

; (2022) Bleiben oder gehen? Wie uns der Klimawandel in Bewegung setzt. MINT-Zirkel 11 (3)

; ; (2022) Community, state and market: Understanding historical water governance evolution in Central Asia. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 200, Halle (Saale): IAMO.

; ; ; (2022) Agricultural livelihoods, adaptation, and environmental migration in sub-Saharan drylands: A meta-analytical review. Environmental Research Letters 17 (8)

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