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BAKU Conference

Das IAMO organisierte in Kooperation mit dem Institute of Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) vom 6. bis 7. September 2018 in Baku, Aserbaidschan, eine Konferenz mit dem Titel „Agriculture Trade and Foreign Investments for Sustainable Regional Integration in Caucasus and Central Asia“. Die Veranstaltung wurde vom Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAAD) finanziell unterstützt.


6 September 2018

Agriculture Trade and Foreign Investments for Sustainable Regional Integration in Caucasus and Central Asia

Keynote Speech 1
Agricultural trade policies in former Soviet Union countries:  From independence to now - Ekaterina Krivonos Gonzalez

Parallel Session A: Resources and production factors – The measurement challenge
The water-energy-food-land-climate nexus and transdisciplinary research for a resource efficient Europe - Florinus Brouwer
A multi-modelling framework to assess the energy-water-land-food-climate nexus in Azerbaijan - Georgios Avgerinopoulos
Assessment of soil salinity in context of climate change in drought-prone regions of Turkmenistan  - Ovezdurdy Jumadurdyyev
Integration of Unnamed Aerial Vehicles in agriculture and implementation of monitoring, prediction and analysis of land resources of Uzbekistan - Shavkatjon Kodirov

Parallel Session B: Foreign investment into the agricultural Sector
Influence of economic freedom on attracting investments: The example of Azerbaijan - Elchin Suleymanov
Politics or profits along the ‘Silk Road’: What drives Chinese farms in Tajikistan and helps them thrive? - Irna Hofman

Keynote Speech 2
The price of sanctions: Quantifying German export losses due to the Russian agricultural ban - Svetlana Fedoseeva

Organized Session 1: Agricultural policy indicators for Caucasus and Central Asia – Quantifying incentiveds and disincentive to agriculture
Agricultural Policy Indicators: A pilot study for Eastern Europe and Central Asia - Andrea Zimmermann
Quantifying incentives and disincentives in Caucasus and Central Asia - Maja Kozar
Agricultural policy indicators in Georgia - Ketevan Gachechiladze
Agricultural policy indicators in Kyrgyzstan - Zalina Enikeeva

Parallel Session C: Facilitating production and productivity – A value-chain perspective

Interaction of main stakeholders in food value chains in Azerbaijan - Elchin Atababayev
The seed sector in Kyrgyzstan - Abduhakim Islamov
Carrying out diagnostic analyzes of value chain to stimulate production of fruit and vegetable products - Tarana Salifova
The effects of local bazaars on marketing of organic products: The case of Uzbekistan - Azizjon Rasulov

Parallel Session D: Boosting agricultural exports
Ways to increase agricultural production and export potential - Elbrus Akbarov
Development of export of Kazakhstan agricultural goods within the Eurasian  Economic Union - Ademi Yerassylova
Improving the competitiveness of agri-food industry and promotion of agri-food products in foreign markets - Khulkar Karimova
Options for facilitating intra-regional and international trade of agricultural commodities - Natali Kldiashvili

Parallel Session E: Agriculture and socioeconomic development
Non-farm employment trends and policy in rural areas of Samarkand region (Uzbekistan) - Shavkat Hasanov
The implication of prospective urbanization in Uzbekistan for food consumption and agricultural trade - Khurshid Zafari
Economic results of model households in case study villages in Azerbaijan and Georgia - Maharram Huseynov

7 September 2018

Keynote Speech 3
Opportunities for the Central Asian countries for exports to China - Kateryna Goychuk Schroeder

Organized Session 2: Climate risk management in Central Asia
Drought insurance for enhanced agricultural resilience in Central Asia - Ihtiyor Bobojonov
Demand for agricultural insurance in Kyrgyzstan - Lena Kuhn
Systemic risks and its measurement in grain production in North Kazakhstan - Talgat Kussaiynov
Digital agricultural insurance in Kazakhstan. Experience, opportunities and perspectives - Serik Ibrayev

Parallel Session F: Farm productivity and agribusiness development

The task of the three-fold economy and the use of its model to compare the pace of development of the countries – Strategic partners of Kazakhstan - Sailau Baizakov
Productivity and farm-size relation: Evidence from Azerbaijan - Yelzhash Kadyr
Key trends specific to the development of agriculture for a medium and long-term period of Azerbaijan - Malik Mehdiyev

Parallel Session G: Food security, consumption and trade policies
Role and statistical assessment of local production in food security - Tamraz Tamrazov
Problems of ensuring food security of the Kyrgyz Republic - Saltanat Derkenbaeva
The impacts of the Russian food import ban on the financial performance and productivity of domestic agri-food enterprises in Russia  - Alisher Tleubayev
Dietary diversity, transitional economies and trade: Lessons from the post-Soviet countries - Ekaterina Krivonos Gonzalez

Parallel Session H: The future of traditional and Innovative agricultural markets
The perspectives of innovative and non-innovative industry in Azerbaijan - Alvan Suleymanova
The silk production system in Uzbekistan and its development trends in the global market - Shukhrat Abdulazizov
Organic farming and climate risk management in Central Asia - Christine Köchy