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Hier finden Sie die veröffentlichten und akzeptierten Beiträge der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des IAMO in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften. Nähere Angaben finden sich auf den Webseiten der jeweiligen Zeitschrift. Zu einzelnen Beiträgen sind Verlinkungen zu den Verlagswebseiten vorgenommen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Online-Zugang durch die Verlage ggf. beschränkt sein kann.

; (2021) Gender and the environmental concerns of young farmers: Do young women farmers make a difference on family farms? Journal of Rural Studies 88: 71-82.

; ; (2021) Social goals in the theory of the firm: A systems theory view. Administration and Society 53 (2): 273-304.

; (2021) Integrating instrumental and normative stakeholder theories: A systems theory approach. Journal of Organizational Change Management 34 (4): 699-712.

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(2021) Sustainability in classical institutional economics: A systems theory view. Sustainable Production and Consumption 28: 1500-1507.

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; (2021) Social capital in cooperatives: An evolutionary Luhmannian perspective. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 31 (4): 1317–1331.

; ; (2021) To condemn Is not to punish: An experiment on hypocrisy. Games 12 (2)

; (2021) Will transaction costs and economies of scale tip the balance in farm size in industrial agriculture? An illustration for non-food biomass production in Germany. Sustainability 13 (2)

; ; ; (2021) Reduction of carbon emissions through resource-saving and environment-friendly regional economic integration – Evidence from Wuhan metropolitan area, China. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 166

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; (2021) Innovation in the bioeconomy: Perspectives of entrepreneurs on relevant framework conditions. Journal of Cleaner Production 314

; ; ; (2021) The complexity of measuring cropland use intensity: An empirical study. Agricultural Systems 192

; (2021) The effects of mental budgeting on the intentions to switch to low-toxicity pesticides: Evidence from vegetable farmers in Sichuan, China. China Agricultural Economic Review 13 (3): 528-547.

; ; ; ; (2021) Continuously vegetation greening over Inner Mongolia for the past three decades. Remote Sensing 13 (13)

(2020) Endogenous effects and cluster transition: A conceptual framework for cluster policy. European Planning Studies 28 (12): 2508-2531.

; ; (2020) Measuring the economic performance of mixed crop-livestock farming systems in Egypt: A non-parametric DEA approach. New Medit 19 (2): 133-145.

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; ; (2020) Measuring dynamic effects of remittances on poverty and inequality with evidence from Kosovo. Eastern European Economics 58 (4): 283-308.