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Dr. Ilkay Unay-Gailhard

Publikationen und Vorträge

Artikel (referiert)

; (2022) Becoming a young farmer in the digital age: An island perspective. Rural Sociology 87 (1): 144-185.

; (2022) How digital communications contribute to shaping the career paths of youth: A review study focused on farming as a career option. Agriculture and Human Values 39 (4): 1491–1508.

; ; ; (2021) Youth’s potential of adopting the Mediterranean diet lifestyle in response to climate change: Empirical study in Crete, Greece. New Medit 20 (5): 85-95.

; ; ; (2021) How to foster rural sustainability through farming workforce rejuvenation? Looking into involuntary newcomers' spatial (im)mobilities. Sustainability 13 (15)

; (2021) Gender and the environmental concerns of young farmers: Do young women farmers make a difference on family farms? Journal of Rural Studies 88: 71-82.

; ; ; (2020) How sources of agriculture information shape the adoption of reduced tillage practices? Journal of Rural Studies 79: 88-101.

; (2020) Public support effect on natural disaster management: A case study of ice storms in forests in Slovenia. Land Use Policy 95

; (2019) The impact of green economy measures on rural employment: Green jobs in farms. Journal of Cleaner Production 208: 541-551.

; ; ; (2019) “I Don’t Want to Work in Agriculture!” The Transition from Agricultural Education to the Labor Market in Rural Russia. Rural Sociology 84 (2): 315-349.

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; (2016) Sustainable participation behaviour in agri-environmental measures. Journal of Cleaner Production 138 (2): 47-58.

(2016) Job access after leaving education: a comparative analysis of young women and men in rural Germany. Journal of Youth Studies 19 (10): 1355-1381.

; ; (2015) Adoption of Agri-Environmental Measures by Organic Farmers: The Role of Interpersonal Communication. Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 21 (2): 127-148.

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(2014) GD Ürün Üretiminin Gelişmekte Olan Ülke Ekonomilerine Etkileri. Bilim ve Ütopya 20 (243): 18-23.

(2014) Adoption of internal web technologies by OECD turkish government officials. International Journal of Managing Public Sector Information and Communication Technologies (IJMPICT) 5 (4): 1-16.

Artikel (nicht referiert)

; ; ; (2018) The factors of resilience of agricultural enterprises against external shocks (The case of Russia's Northwest). Problems of Economic Transition 60 (12): 883-906.

; ; (2017) Kunden kennen: Wer kauft beim Direktvermarkter und warum? Hof direkt : Zeitschrift für Direktvermarkter 27 (6): 56-57.

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (2016) Zukunftsvisionen für den ländlichen Raum in Georgien: Bericht zur Doktorandenexkursion 2014. IAMO Jahreszahl 18: 73-83.


(2016) Structural change in rural Europe: Land-use and labour behaviour. Halle (Saale): Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) .

Beiträge zu Sammelwerken

; ; ; (2018) Russian farm economic resilience in the context of structural adjustments: The case of the Northwest Region and the 2008 economic crisis. In: Agrarian Perspectives XXVII. Food Safety – Food Security : Proceedings of the 27th International Scientific Conference, 28-35: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

; ; ; (2018) Resilience of Agricultural Enterprises, Analysis of the Importance of Its Factors and Integration Processes (According to the Data of Northwest of Russia). In: Epomen Scientific Journal No. 15 (July 2018): Proceedings of the 14th International conference "Agrarian Economy of Russia: Problems and Vectors of Development", 243-275: Epomen Ltd.

; ; (2013) Обоснование инновационных мер в области агроэкологической политики экофермерами Германии. In: International Scientific Conference Book dedicated to the 70th year of Altay State Agrarian University, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Agriculture of the Altai Republic, Barnaul, 54-68: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Agriculture of the Altai Republic.

Weitere Publikationen

; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (2022) Challenges associated with formal education in rural areas.

; (2021) Young farmers' attitudes towards agri-environmental-climate measures: Do young women farmers make a difference? IAAE.

; ; ; ; (2018) Report on current farm demographics and trends.

; ; (2018) Dimensions of SURE-Farm farm typology for farm resilience assessments (Horizon 2020 SURE-Farm project public deliverables D1.3).


; ; (2015) Who buys from Farmers’ Markets and Farm Shops. Mailand, Italien, 08.08.2015 - 14.08.2015.


(2021) Becoming a young farmer: farming as a career option? International Forum "Food Policy, Rural Development and Gender Equality in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia: Current Trends and the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic", Moskau / Online, Russland.

; (2021) Gender and the environmental concerns of young farmers: Do young women farmers make a difference on family farms? 31st Virtual ICAE 2021, Neu Delhi / Online, Indien.

; (2021) Becoming a young farmer in the digital age. 15th ESA Conference 2021, Barcelona / Online, Spanien.

; ; (2020) Retirement and the digital age: A study on the online food shopping. IAMO Forum 2020: Digital transformation - towards sustainable food value chains in Eurasia, Halle (Saale), Deutschland.

(2020) The impact of green economy measures on rural employment. Joint Seminar "Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges For Rural NEETs", Lissabon, Portugal.

(2020) Becoming a young farmer: an island perspective. Seminar at the University Institute of Lisbon, CIS-IUL - Centre for Social Research and Intervention (ECSH), Lissabon, Portugal.

(2020) Becoming a young farmer in the digital age: Case studies on European islands. COST Action CA18213: RURAL NEET YOUTH Webinars Summer 2020, Online, Deutschland.

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; ; (2018) Dimensions of SURE-Farm farm typology for farm resilience assessments. SURE-Farm consortium meeting-April 2018, Madrid, Spanien.

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(2015) Who buys from farmers´ market and farm shops? 143rd Joint EAAE-­AAEA Seminar: Consumer Behavior in Changing World, Neapel, Italien.

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(2014) Women labour force tranition in rural areas. Women in rural areas: labour markets, images, policies, Berlin, Deutschland.

(2013) Use of OECD information channels as a driver for international organisations effectiveness. XXXIII Sunbelt Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Hamburg, Deutschland.

(2013) Financial crises and rural labour force transition. 5th EAAE PhD Workshop, Leuven, Belgien.

(2012) The influance of communication frequency on the innovation adoption behaviour. Agrarian Perspectives XXI. and 131st EAAE Seminar Innovation for agricultural competitiveness and sustainability of rural areas, Prag, Tschechische Republik.

(2011) Impact of local cooperation action amongst farmers and other stakeholders on multifunctional land use. ESSA Summer School, Guilford, Großbritannien.

; (2010) Labour Force Transition in Germany: Adopting a micro simulation model. PRIMA Internal project meeting, Newcastle, Großbritannien.