8th Long Night of Science


Gripping games, entertaining lectures, interesting insights behind the scenes ...

On the occasion of the 8th Long Night of Science on 3rd July 2009 IAMO invites you to:

from 6pm | foyer
Get to know the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe
At our information stand you can dip into our leaflets and publications or have a chat with one of our researchers. We will be pleased to inform you about our institute and work. As special guest, architect Jürgen Ebert, will be happy to answer your questions on the history of the building.

from 6pm | foyer
Who? How? What?
What connects an officers' mess with a research institute? What researches an awardee of the Young Scientists Prizes of the Leibniz Association? What means the abbreviation IAMO? Answer these and some more questions in the quiz of the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe correctly and a small surprise is waiting for you. Questionnaires and hints can be found at our information stand.

Do you already have an expedition pass? If  you participate at the quiz you will get a stamp for your pass. Kids who will visit five pass stations in 2009, can win the participation at a real research expedition. For more information check out www.forschungsexpedition.de, a campaign by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of the Year of Science 2009 „Research Expedition Germany".

6pm-7.30pm | meadow Heideallee corner Walter-Hülse-Straße
The cow roulette betting office is open

7pm-7.30pm | lecture hall
It takes only little to be loyal?
Lecture by Nadine Wettstein
Almost everybody might be familiar with the following situation: At the dairy section in your local supermarket you deliberately go for this one and only Danone chocolate pudding, which you remember to be so yummy and creamy, when you suddenly notice that Danone is now offering a soya drink too and you start thinking: "This might be worth a try, too ..." If such a buying desire turns into a buying decision the researchers at IAMO get involved. As among other things they are working on brand loyalty. In this short lecture you will hear, what defines brands, what is understood by loyalty, how do these two things come together, when one is looking on food shopping
behaviour, and what methods are used to investigate all this scientifically.

7.30pm-8.30pm | meadow Heideallee corner Walter-Hülse-Straße
Cow roulette
1 cow, 8 x 8 metre meadow, 64 chances. Uniquely the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe invites you for cow roulette. Join the game, place your bet and be present when cow Betty enters the roulette meadow and all centres on the question in which of the 64 playing fields she will drop her cowpat. The betting office is open from 6-7.30pm, the bet is 1 Euro. The lucky winner will take the whole bets home. We thank the Agrargesellschaft Prießnitz for the kind support.

8.30pm-9pm (subsequent to the cow roulette) | lecture hall
What is milk really worth to us?
Lecture by Dr. Oleksandr Perekhozhuk
Increasingly milk farmers protest again the low prices or even use milk to fill the feeding troughs or to fertilise farm land, instead of selling it. At the discounter milk is now cheaper than mineral water. One litre costs around 50 Cent. But how much does a farmer have to invest to produce one litre milk and what does he receive from the dairy? How does the milk market work and what impact does EU politics have on the milk prices in Germany? We will give you a short insight into the topic and will be happy to answer your questions.

9pm-9.30pm | lecture hall
Salad oil in the tank! Does this raise dust?
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Peter Pickel (Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, Martin Luther Uni-versity Halle-Wittenberg)
The big fuss on biodiesel et al. has settled down a bit. But the production of biodiesel is still regarded quite negatively, partly because of a lack of information on this kind of fuel, partly because of too high expectations or doubtful and non-sustainable side effects. The negative image is also due to the partly missionary eagerness by which the plate-tank-debate is led and the ongoing tropical deforestation to gain cultivable areas for the production of biofuels. But biofuels are definitely able to contribute to the fuel supply of the future. At John Deere for example new motor and automotive concepts are devel-oped which are based on cold-pressed plant oils like colza oil, sunflower oil or jatropha. In this lecture you will hear about the potentials and limits of biofuels. We thank the company John Deere for the kind support. Exclusively during the Long Night of Science you will have the chance to test how it feels to sit in the John Deere tractor "6930 Premium Greenpower" (photo).

8th Long Night of Science
3rd July 2009 | from 6pm

The entry to all events is free.
For the complete programme of the Halle Night of Science look here.